Mission O2 VIYONA Smart Oxygen Concentrator

Mission O2 VIYONA Smart Oxygen Concentrator

Viyona has been creating a remarkable transformation in lives through its energetic drive of mission O2.

When the world is in a crisis moment due to the pandemic wave leading to rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, the necessity for essential oxygen concentrator is also greater than ever. The virus is characterized by normal to severe, and even critical respiratory symptoms due to levels of oxygen in the bloodstream. So, the need for oxygen support machines like oxygen concentrators, oxygen generators or oxygen generator plant etc is increasing day by day. The purpose of its usage would vary as per the product, but the primary objective is to ensure rich oxygen whenever you need it.

It remains as a mission, essentially because, when the whole world is experiencing such hazardous pandemic wave, only purest oxygen supply can be a mode of survival.

However, there are several people who haven’t heard much about the oxygen concentrator. Let’s take a deeper look into the oxygen device and its importance, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic wave.

What are Oxygen Concentrators and how does it work?

Oxygen concentratorsOxygen concentrators are oxygen machines that concentrate the oxygen from a gas supply by selectively eliminating nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream. It facilitates in supplying oxygen therapy to people with breathing disorders. It is a portable and cost-effective device, advantageous for both hospital & home use.

According to, “Oxygen concentrators filter surrounding air, compressing it to the requisite density, and then delivering purified medical-grade oxygen into a pulse-dose delivery system or uninterrupted stream system to the patient. They’re also operational with special filters and sieve beds which help remove Nitrogen from the air to make certain delivery of absolutely purified oxygen to the patient.”

What is so special about Viyona 5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator?

VY-9S-7The contemporary VIYONA VY-9S-7 oxygen concentrator is a great choice for both home care and medical purpose. It has oxygen and nebulizer outlets one machine dual usage. Its ultra-quiet operation reduces noise complaints. VIYONA VY-9S-7 oxygen concentrator noise level is less than 40 decibels. Its compact design takes up less space, convenient to operate, and has real-time monitoring, safety protection features alert you when the system is abnormal. By means of Universal wheels and handle VIYONA VY-9S-7 oxygen concentrator is so convenient for the user to move the machine. The large LED display demonstrates the oxygen flow and purity of oxygen, timing function is convenient for the elderly to control the machine to set the inhale oxygen time by timing function. All the designs are customized to meet precise operations and enrich the customer experience.

How Crucial is Oxygen Concentrator for COVID-19?

5L-Medical-OxygenOne of the crucial issues with the patients suffering from COVID-19 is breathlessness. As per The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) – ‘The symptoms start arising within 7-10 days of illness. Apart from several methods of medication, the current treatment for severe COVID-19 depends majorly on providing the best possible oxygen supportive care’ via oxygen machines.

Viyona 5L Medical OxygenPatients contaminated with COVID-19 virus may undergo from mild to severe symptoms. Hospitals being overloaded and shortage of ventilators in unfortunate settings is a challenge for everyone. Oxygen concentrators are turning out to be supportive in such circumstances. As the majority of cases are patients with mild symptoms who don’t require ventilator support, breathing therapy by oxygen concentrator can stand beneficial in stabilizing the health of the patient.

Advantages of Viyona 5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen concentrators have multiple advantages and are contributing to the battle against coronavirus.

  • 6 levels filtration
  • Real time monitoring safety protection
  • Large LED display
  • One machine dual use
  • Timing function
  • Low noise level
  • 8 useful advanced features

Who Needs Oxygen Concentrators?

viyonaPatients experiencing chronic and acute breathing disorders require oxygen support. On the other hand, patients are facing issues such as COPD, asthma, and those having respiratory distress due to climate change need supplemental oxygen. In such cases, they keep oxygen concentrators at their homes.

In case you’re having complicatedness in breathing, without delay contact your nearest doctor then connect for getting an oxygen concentrator. Kindly note that you can’t buy it over the counter but only by displaying a prescription. The experts will show you how to properly use the device at home or hospital.

o2-concentratorWhich Places are Oxygen Concentrators Helpful?
Home Settings

In the midst of so many benefits mentioned above, there can be no second thought that oxygen concentrators can be beneficial for home. A COVID-19 infected patient can take his/her oxygen therapy from the safety and comfort of their home. According to a report by The Print, not all patients require complete ventilation; patients with mild symptoms are suggested to use an oxygen concentrator as and when necessary.

What’s the right time to use Oxygen Concentrators?

In case, a person gets contaminated from coronavirus, there are some symptoms that should start reflecting. However, as the cases are increasing, doctors have observed patients who have failed to spot these symptoms. This is called as silent hypoxia, where the patient’s oxygen level drops, however he/ she does not feel any irregularity.

COVID-19 hospitalsHospital Settings

Viyona 5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator provides a cost-effective and sustainable source of medical oxygen to health facilities. Due to COVID-19 hospitals are overloaded and accessibility of medical oxygen support is vital. At, we consider the sensitivity of every second when it comes to life-saving situations and our oxygen machines as offerings make sure that you are well equipped to deal with them with utmost confidence. By offering extraordinary and user-friendly medical equipment, we ensure to go the extra mile to make certain patient safety.

Other categories for hospital usage

Oxygen machines such as Viyona URB.OX OXIMED (Oxygen Supply System) and Viyona URBOX OXIMED_MINI are oxygen generator plants created with a focus on use of oxygen in hospitals and healthcare centres. It’s a technological revolution for enhancing human lives and safeguarding you from life threatening viruses and flu by providing you with the purest oxygen through an advanced filtration process which doesn’t allow the unhygienic air from outside and only lets the best oxygen stay inside the hospital etc., by balancing it with the size of area. Oxygen generator plants are oxygen gas reservoirs which gets installed inside the surrounding of hospitals and healthcare centres. It provides purest oxygen supply to the patients through channels already being created with an appropriate design for assuring best comfort and convenience for the patients, nurses and doctors. The objective is to facilitate purest oxygen to a greater number of people in emergency situations fighting for life, etc.

Precaution is better than cure

person relaxingWhile Oxygen Concentrator is more personalized and focused on the criticalness of the person and situation, Oxygen Generator is an ongoing regular aspect that can be part and parcel of our life so as to avoid the above mentioned hazardous situations. Although, there can be multiple context behind the problem. Besides all the above mentioned hazardous situations, now people are also recognizing the threats of poor quality air inside homes, offices, hotels, etc. The quality of air greatly impacts our energy levels and the efficiency in actions. The indoor air that we keep on breathing is 2 to 5 times less in oxygen than outside, and is also more polluted. By considering all of these problems, Oxygen Generators have come into prominence.

Viyona has embarked with an advanced range of Oxygen generators under categories such as Viyona URB.OX ECO, Viyona URB.OX PREMIUM or Viyona URB.OX BOOSTER that are perfect choice for your home, office, restaurant etc where there is every possibility of O2 deficiency and you would prefer purest O2 rich air indoor. These products are an astonishing achievement of innovative minds, who have now developed the most groundbreaking device first of its kind which produces fresh oxygen-rich air indoors. All these devices which captures the atmosphere air sends it through an advanced filtration process that separates oxygen from the mixture of atmospheric gases and dispenses the pure oxygen-rich air indoors. Although each of these contemporary oxygen machines has its own uniqueness, the core objective remains in providing you with the purest form of oxygen indoor.

While the importance of oxygen Concentrators during pandemic phase has increased significantly, oxygen generator has been another oxygen machine to be considered during regular mode of life. If our normal life gets filled with the O2 rich air, then god forbidden, we may not have to experience such greater chaos in life, because then you’ll be always charged up with the purest air.

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