What is so significant about HOCL?

HOCL is a standard part of our internal protection process, produced by white blood cells. HOCL is an electrolyzed, antimicrobial, biocide explanation that weakens pathogens such as germs, viruses, spores, and fungus when created the body externally.

  • Drives proactively to combat disease, control reactions to damage, and enhance curing
  • Part of the excellent response to wound and improvement
  • Continuously shows no harmful effects
  • Will does not frustrate or intensify tissue harm at wound sites
  • No dazzling/rough sensation, differentiating several other topically beneficial results
  • Peaceful and constant management over the therapeutic procedure that speedily turns noticeable
  • Non-hazardous for implement on humans and animals

What is HOCL?



The vicious pathogens, such as microorganisms, spores, and viruses, can be positioned all around us — in the atmosphere, on food, plants, animals, and on non-living surfaces. The human body uses native, abstracted mechanisms as the first line of protection against pathogens, disease, and wound. The skin itself and mucous emancipation at epithelial membranes are essential elements of the instinctive resistance response. But when these are breached, HOCL is instantly produced by the body in response as the explanation chemical module of inherent immunity.

A proactiveness of profits comes with reference to HOCL production. The mechanism of HOCL construction from salt in the body engages intracellular enzymes. Still, outside the body, the procedure can be imitated by using prohibited requests of electrical powers rather than — an electrochemical activation formula.



As an antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal that is harmless for every mucosal contact, HOCL speedy curing, works to diminish scarring, to lessen an endless of skin issues and circumstances, can be misted to spread through small cracks for successful smell power and hygiene, and an appraisal of HOCL features will demonstrate the following credentials:

  • Diminish skin aging
  • Makes blood clot in injuries
  • Causes fibrinogen oxidation leads to firmer clots and more extended clot lysis phase
  • Encourages immunity towards germs
  • Produces dominant local stimulants of curing injury and diminishing virus
  • Enhances novel skin cells produce over cuts and reorganizes scar fibers
  • Show the way to long-lasting limited belongings in the body

Despite the fact that the 100-year history of Hypochlorous Acid has provided unquestionable evidence of its efficacy in therapeutic and use in disinfection, and greater than 500 peer-reviewed, published papers generally document significant helpful results; the all-embracing use of HOCL has remained reasonably inactive. Conventionally, the core restraining characteristic to extensive acceptance of this significant technology has been its need for steadfastness.



Only VIYONA’S BRIO HOCL has been autonomously tested to eliminate the world’s most perilous and hardiest pathogen.

  • More confidentially than any other big-scale HOCL producer on the market, Viyona’s Briotech mimics what is formed within the body.
  • Viyona’s Briotech formulations enclose no forceful components other than pure HOCL
  • Our HOCL is unparalleled in scalability, efficacy, and stability.
  • Our formulations are HOCL ensured in their purest form.
  • Our lucidity permits us to achieve pioneering results over and over again.
  • Viyona’s Briotech’s scaling capability sets the business model for creation.
  • Viyona’s Briotech constructs HOCL in an EPA and FDA-registered, GMP-compliant ability.
  • Ten years of committed methodical research and testing in HOCL properties and manufacture.

The Viyona’s Briotech vision has always been relating to what HOCL can do for the good of man, in medication, and healthcare, and we’re delighted to guide the Hypochlorous Acid commerce with game-changing technologies in therapeutic and disinfection.



By supplementing the growth of Electro-Chemical Activated (ECA) Technology, Viyona’s Briotech has technically engineered a course of action to mass-produce Hypochlorous products that are exceptionally successful. The ECA formulations that Viyona’s Briotech produces are higher in clarity and have been established to elevate electrical effectiveness beyond known barricades. These electrically vigorous HOCL solutions keep up effectiveness and power to pressure many biochemical events in human and animal tissues and microbes in this balanced shape.

With due to consideration towards rigorous quality-control procedures finished at the exact pH to guarantee utmost hygiene and no hypochlorite pollution, we use water (H2O) and salt (NaCl) to produce a specific brine resolution and pass the brine through a proprietary. The completed Hypochlorous Acid is a feeble acid solution with dominant profits. This is why Viyona’s Briotech can emphasize about cleanliness while other HOCL manufacturers cannot.

All over the world, commercial industries such as generosity, janitorial, food and water giving out, agricultural, animal husbandry, and health and public security have implemented ECA Technology for using, eliminating and damaging poisonous chemicals.



Being a major manufacturer, we are passionate about our formulations and proactive and confident by our dedication to make a difference in human life all over the world.


The subsequent search submissions will give you immeasurable supply materials, such as checkup publications, case studies, and news articles proportional to Hypochlorous acid. We have meticulously researched this material over the years to comprehend the facts and further our information and thoughtful of this magnificent product. Being an outcome of our research, we are confident by the affirmation of the scientific society. Furthermore, the optimistic impact of HOCL on humans, animals, and the environment is inevitable.