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VIYONA has a well established global outreach catering to both Pharma and Wellness products. We have distribution capabilities extended across the major consumers like the United States, UK, European Union, Belize and there is no stopping. Our marketing networks are strongly aligned with the regional distribution networks, with unlimited opportunities to tap the local domains.

At VIYONA, we have experts with Pharma marketing who are able to differentiate the product base with their key to knowledge. Our strong Product Marketing Team has its entire focus on identifying the regional consumer needs and provide constant feedback to you. This will pave way for branding and product improvements and specialise in domain specific needs of consumers.

Your VIYONA banks on Analytical data to make the best decisions for you. While understanding the distribution and selling aspects in various countries, we also have a strong network of individuals and partners who are well-versed with regional pharmaceutical needs, logistics and sales.

This gives VIYONA an extra edge of establishing our footprints around the globe, thereby giving our Customers a varied consumer base and market optimization. Our tactical strategies for global marketing will strive to achieve your goals, and market share.

Global Outreach

Our Global Outreach