Mission Values

Mission Values

in the development, packing, testing, registration and ongoing supply of your product. VIYONA operates by a code of conduct underscored by our three founding tenets: integrity, quality and innovation. They have shaped the culture and define the character of our company. We continue to operate with these guiding philosophies as we move towards building the future of VIYONA.


We treat each other, clients and stakeholders with respect and dignity. We appreciate individual, cultural, and national differences. We seek to learn, listen attentively and communicate often and openly. We value the human element of our business relationships and should be honest in our decision making, steadfast in our virtues and transparent in our motives.


Quality is a legacy with which we strive to be synonymous with our name. We believe that a commitment to quality must be achieved by clients and colleagues alike. Quality assurance is a concept that begins before any product is produced, and should be inherent in all that we do – from the quality of our conversations, people, processes and product.


We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything done. We are committed to being the thought-leader of our industry, from best-in-class manufacturing technology to outstanding service, shaping its place in India and beyond. We foster ideas that challenge the convention, seek diversity of views and drive innovation. We believe valuable ideas can come from anyone regardless of level or position, encourage individuals to express their views and use their talent to the fullest.

Mission Values