Urb.Ox Oximed

Urb.Ox Oximed

VIYONA URB.OX OXIMED (Oxygen Supply System) is a device created with a focus on use of oxygen in hospitals and healthcare centres. Its a technological revolution for enhancing human lives and safeguarding you from life threatening viruses and flu by providing you with the purest oxygen through an advanced filtration process which doesn’t allow the unhygienic air from outside and only lets the best oxygen stay inside the hospital etc. by balancing it with the size of area.

Significant features:

  • Extraordinary product of pure innovation
  • Sleek and smooth in design
  • Topnotch O2 sensors
  • Precise reading of PM or dust levels
  • Best-in-class CO2 sensor
  • Cares for environment of excellence

Viyona’s Urb.Ox Oximed Advantages


Effortless process and trouble-free installation.

No more executive pressure over refilling oxygen cylinder.


Defense from blasts

No require for blast avoidance tribulations

24/7 continuous oxygen provide from real-time oxygen generation


Space reduction for no require for high stressed containers. Space can be utilized for other reasons.


Persuade supervision due to no require for oxygen refills and replace


Preeminent excellence, modulations of parts, and directive method

Economic Feasibility

Outstanding cost-saving contrast to existing liquid oxygen systems

VIYONA’s Urbox Oximed Oxygen supply system Series

  • Equivalent PSA Technology
  • Very tiny and solid
  • Well turned-out systems: security alert systems sensors in each component
Oxygen supply system Series

Benefits of VIYONA’s UrbOx Oximed Oxygen Supply System

  • Solid and straightforward setting up
  • Easy mechanism
  • All one system
  • Shift to any location
  • Modular approach and any necessity of components can be added
  • Elegant monitoring coordination

6x VIYONA safety and efficiency
Independent module System

Each unit is an autonomous method and works separately.
Even if one falls, short other section still contributes oxygen.

Monitoring System

The monitoring system for detecting nonstandard indications and improving protection and consistency and displays the product position through the customer through a monitor can report the rank to the central server of VIYONA’s urb.Ox or the client’s computer through an internet connection at any time. VIYONA’s urb.Ox monitors product position through a monitoring method and perks the excellence through after-sales activities and data investigation.

Monitoring System